This job category refers to various roles that assist executives in their businesses by delivering services ranging from administrative, clerical and technical tasks.

  • Virtual Assistants

    This role refers to an individual who performs remote services to clients ranging from administrative, project management, basic social media and content management.

  • Customer Service Representatives

    This role refers to remote workers that assists customers with wide range of information about products and services, billing inquiries and includes responding to customer complaints.

  • Order Processor

    This role refers to individuals who responds to customers by processing orders, payment processing and submitting correct information before shipment of items.

  • Data Entry Specialists

    This role refers to an individual that remotely enters information from physical records into a database or computer system. They are responsible for ensuring that all data are entered accurately and categorized correctly into the system.

  • Technical Information Support Staff

    This role refers to IT Practitioners who remotely manage and maintain an organization’s IT system and may assist in diagnosing any technical related issues and how to repair it.

  • Administrators

    This role refers to individuals primarily responsible for ensuring that all office administrative and clerical functions are coordinated allowing the organization to operate efficiently.

  • Personal Shoppers

    This role refers to individuals who help customers shop by giving out advice and making suggestions via live chat, calls, email or in person. They also process the shopping orders, deliveries and return of purchased goods.

  • Admission Officer

    This role refers to an individual who assists students and other potential clients with admission requirements and ensuring that customers follow the established programs and procedures.

  • Appointment Setters

    This role uses telemarketing skills to support businesses by contacting leads via cold calling and explaining to potential customers the list of products and services the business offers. They engage with leads to gather accurate information for future business transactions and to schedule appointments.

  • Returns Processing

    This role refers to those who assist customers with their returned goods, ensure that it follows the established business protocol and procedures in terms of returns and includes issuing of replacement as needed.