Our Global Business Managers (GBM) are based internationally with expertise across a wide range of industries. Your dedicated GBM will take the time to understand your business and how best we can help by:

  1. We Collaborate with you to understand your business needs.
  2. We Identify the skill set required.
  3. We Provide your business with a staffing solution.



We take care of the advertising, screening, and qualifying of candidates and put forward top talent for the role. You can interview the top candidates and choose your new remote worker.

Recruitment timeline (1-6 weeks)

On Average it can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks from having a signed contract with Go Remote Staff to placing your new staff member. This is just a guideline, just like recruiting for any role the time from advertising and filling a role will depend on factors such as, the talent pool seeking work, the level of skills required, and notice period required for existing employment.



Your dedicated GBM will help you every step of the way and check in with you regularly. We take care of the payroll, and you have the peace of mind knowing that your hires are engaged and productive via staff monitoring platform as an ongoing feedback mechanism. You will know:

  1. Hours worked
  2. Shift start and finish times
  3. Productivity
  4. App utilization
  5. Our HR Team and GBM’s assist both clients and candidates with queries about, HR, payroll, invoicing, training, and other enquiries.

Working from home is the way of the future! When hiring staff that work from home, your labour pool expands beyond the geographic constraints of your office giving you access to top talent and unique skill sets from around the globe.

Recent world health and economic environments have changed the way we travel, shop, socialise and work, fast tracking the world into digital transformation of organisations and communities. Recent surveys show that most of the work from home staff are just as, if not more productive, with a third of employees reporting a reduction in stress levels, as they are able to spend more time with their families and participating in leisure activities rather than commuting to the office. When your staff are happy your customers will benefit resulting in enhanced customer service interactions, increased customer satisfaction and increased sales conversions.

Regardless of where your office is located, there are inherent and varied business continuity and disaster recovery risks to having most or all your staff working from one office building. By establishing a geographically dispersed workforce, you will minimize the likelihood of widespread disruptions or outages and enhances business continuity.

Choosing the right BPO provider is the key to navigating this environment to achieve the full benefits of engaging an offshore team . At Go Remote Staff our dedicated Global Business Managers understand your business to ensure your business needs are met by connecting your business with extraordinary people.


Try it on with Go Remote Staff and see the benefits!