This job category refers to roles that helps businesses attract potential customers and to effectively market and provide their products and services.

  • Marketing Assistants

    This role refers to individuals who provide support to marketing managers and executives on projects such as developing sales strategies, marketing campaigns, collecting data and interpreting marketing analytics.

  • Bloggers and Copywriters

    This role refers to individuals who produce engaging and informative content on print ads, catalog, web pages and other platforms on the web. It includes pitching ideas, researching keywords and proofreading content for accuracy and quality.

  • Graphic Designers

    This role refers to individuals who are skilled in creating visual text and images using computer software and export it to posters, billboards, logos and other creative marketing materials.

  • Lead Generation Experts

    This role refers to experts who specialize in market research to find and generate leads for specific businesses and qualify potential customers.

  • Business Analysis

    This role refers to professionals who conduct market research and data analysis to come up with solutions and improvements for business processes and systems.

  • Content Writers

    This role refers to professionals who are skilled in creating print and digital content for businesses that provide information about the products and services they offer.

  • Writers

    This role refers to an individual skilled in expressing ideas and creativity through text. Their duties include researching, collating of data, proofreading drafts and updating a writing project for a client.

  • Technical Writers

    This role refers to a writer skilled in developing product manuals, how-to guides, website help sections, journal articles, and other content that distills technical information with ease and clarity.

  • Telemarketers

    This refers to an individual who is responsible for contacting potential customers on the phone to sell products or solicit donations. Their duties include tracking customer contact lists, explaining the benefits of their products and taking payment information.

  • Inbound Sales Reps

    This role refers to individuals whose duties include taking phone calls, assisting customers, solving customer complaints, placing orders, scheduling appointments, and introducing products and services of a business.

  • Outbound Sales Reps

    This role refers to individuals who are responsible in contacting potential customers to introduce and sell products and services. Their duties include leads and generating sales and revenue for organizations across all industries

  • Digital Marketing

    This role refers to individuals whose expertise is creating digital marketing methods to communicate with customers and promote sales and activities. They help businesses spend their marketing budget more effectively, obtain more valuable leads, and gain a higher return on investment (ROI) for the business.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)

    This role refers to individuals that manage internet pay-per-click advertising campaigns including the strategy, design, implementation, SEO, and analysis of ad performance.

  • Social Media Marketer

    This role refers to experts in marketing and social media management. They enhance a business social media presence to help attract potential customers, promote products and services and expand business opportunities for revenue.