How much can I save through offshoring?

You can expect to save from 50-70% to the cost of staff wages.

What are the benefits of offshoring?

You can expect to save from 50-70% to the cost of staff wages.
Savings can be reinvested other areas of the business to drive growth.
Ability to focus on core business.
Solves Capacity issues.
Enhance service quality.
24/7 operations.
Access to intellectual property.
Drives broader transformational change.
Improve employee satisfaction scores by reducing administrative burden through outsourcing.

What roles can I offshore?

Any role that can be done remotely on a computer, smartphone or telephone can be offshored. We place roles for any industry type with over 100 administrative and professional roles.  If it is not listed on our website don’t worry …. we will source it for you!

Can I outsource if I’m a small or medium sized organisation?

Businesses of any size can benefit from offshoring.


What are the costs?

We charge a recruitment and advertising fee of $400 plus the negotiated rate for the candidate. You can expect to save from 50-70% to the cost of staff wages.

Are there any other costs?

One month’s wages are required in advance as outlined in our agreement. We secure the best talent because we guarantee wages. Any unused credit will be refunded within 2 weeks upon completion of the contract.

What is the minimum contract term?

There are no lock-in contracts. Month to month contracts provide you with the flexibility to scale with your business needs. T&C’s Apply

Are there lock-in contracts?

Contracts are month to month with no lock-in terms giving you peace of mind.

How do I pay commissions and bonus?

Some employers like to incentivise their staff through commission and bonus. We are happy to pass the full commissions and bonus along to your team member.

How does billing work?

Invoices are paid one month in advance. Candidates are paid fortnightly for hours worked. By guaranteeing candidate pay, we can attract a higher-calibre of talent.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund all of your unconsumed credit within two weeks from receiving written notice of contract completion.

Do I need a Philippine bank account?

You simply pay invoices directly into our Australian bank account. We provide payroll for your staff, in Peso’s on a fortnightly basis. You can pay by EFT, MasterCard, Amex, Visa or direct debits within Australia, some fees apply.

What is Offshore Staffing?

Outsourced Staff located in another country.

Where are staff located?

Our Staff are based in the Philippines.
Filipino’s have 98% English literacy and are highly educated.

Level of English communication skills?

Go Remote Staff’s English verbal, written and comprehension skills are excellent.

How long will it take to recruit my new Staff member?

Depending on the role and skill level required it can take from 1 to 6 weeks to find the right applicant for you to choose from.

Can I choose my own staff?

Yes! After we have screened, interviewed and tested candidates for their suitability for the role you may interview the shortlisted candidates and choose your new team member.

Do I need to provide equipment or software?

Applicants come set up with modern office equipment and adequate internet connection, most also have back-up internet. If the role requires specialised equipment or software you may be required to issue a company asset, this will be used to complete work tasks and must be returned to you upon completion of the contract.

What do we need from you to get started?

Upon receiving payment of your recruitment and advertising fee we will schedule a time to establish your requirements. This is a crucial step in finding the perfect fit for your organisation and will form the basis of our screening and testing of potential candidates. This will involve a comprehensive meeting to establish skill sets, education requirements, work experience, job description, personality type and relevant tests. If you do not have this information one of our friendly team members can help you establish these guidelines.


What if I’m having trouble communicating with my staff?

On rare occasions there may be internet or power outage due to weather.
Our team are also here to help in overcoming any possible cultural or communication differences.

Can I trust my remote staff?

Yes. All staff are legally bound to and contracted to maintain and protect employers’ IP and proprietary knowledge. In addition, all remote staff are required to use our staff monitoring platform to help with full transparency over their activity and work output.

What happens if I am unhappy with my staff member?

In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your new team member we will firstly try to resolve any issues, if you are still not happy, we will replace your candidate free of charge within the first 3 months. We can terminate employment immediately, however, we request where possible a 2 week notice period. T&C’s Apply

What if my hire doesn’t work out?

Our first objective is to find you the right person. In the rare event the candidate is not performing we will replace the candidate at no additional cost within the first 3 months.

Where do my remote staff work from?

Staff are based at home with a home office set up, equipped to perform their job role.

How long does the replacement guarantee last?

We guarantee to replace any staff at no cost to you within the first 3 months.

Who trains the staff?

Like with any new employee, company and role specific training is provided by the employer. Candidates recruited for roles will be trained and qualified in their respective fields in line with our initial recruitment briefing. It is then up to you to train them as you would a normal employee.

What are their qualifications?

Many Philippines are tertiary qualified. Candidates recruited for roles will be trained and qualified in their respective fields in line with our initial recruitment briefing.

What time zones do staff work to?

Staff will work to your time zone and shift requirements

What hours do staff work?

We only recruit for 20hr or 40hr week roles.
Best value is hiring a 40hr candidate.

How do I know my remote staff member is working on my business and not someone else’s?

Go Remote Staff are dedicated to working only for you and your company during their dedicated shift times. This is monitored via our staff monitoring platform.

How do I manage my calls to make them look like they are coming from my local office?

If you require your candidate to answer your phones or make phone calls we have an international telecommunications partner that we can put you in touch with to help you with your needs.

How will offshoring affect my existing local staff?

If you plan on replacing your local staff with an offshore team they may be a little unhappy.
We find that our clients have a mixture of local and offshore talent, this is received positively by the local office as it frees up time for staff members to focus on high value tasks. Offshore team members are always polite, punctual, reliable and eager to assist in any way possible.