Go Remote Staff Pty Limited is an International Business Process Offshoring Company (BPO), We recruit talented staff on your behalf to help you achieve your business goals.

If you are looking for a dedicated experienced team to provide you with talented home-based Philippine staff, look no further, we offer over 100 administrative and professional job roles that work to your time zone requirements.

Our Global Business Managers (GBM) are based internationally with expertise in all industries. We understand your business needs and work with you to place candidates that encompasses the right skill match to achieve your business objectives. Go Remote Staff’s refined business process, ongoing feedback and statistics ensure client satisfaction.

Delloite’s 2021 Share Services Report shows the growing trend towards using global service delivery models to provide higher value at lower cost. These models plan to develop more virtual and remote work strategies and leverage location-agnostic hiring to maximise the benefits of increased productivity and reduced costs.

Organisations worldwide have realised the benefits of fast-tracking digital transformation. FORBES allowing for the BPO industry to thrive from their extensive experience in the use cloud-based technologies.

Deloitte’s surveyed over 600 businesses around the world in 2021 on the reasons why they use global shared services and outsourcing. Process efficiency and standardisation took first place this year over cost reduction closely followed by driving business value.

Industry leaders are using BPO services to cut cost, scale, recruit talent, and enhance service quality so they can focus on their core business, to deliver on business-critical objectives. In 2020 Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced that it will be working towards moving 95% of their business to the public cloud and currently adopt global shared services.

Twitter and other large organizations encouraged their employees to work from home, and other companies such as Google and JP Morgan were building remote working policies in the event they needed to shift to a work from home model so it is business as usual as reported in CNBC.

The Australian financial Review surveyed 5000 workers revealing 70% of workers that have moved to a work from home environment reported the same level or increased productivity, with 30% of workers reporting a reduction in stress levels. (AFR)

Using Go Remote Staff BPO services offers a cost saving to wages of by up to 70% on domestic wages in countries like Australia, NZ, UK, USA and Canada. Adopting a Philippine home-based workforce can help you focus on your core business and invest in local talent to achieve business objectives.

Our dedicated Go Remote Staff Global Business Managers work with you to understand your business needs and provide you with a panel of candidates for you to choose from. Go Remote Staff present only candidates that encompasses the right skill match to achieve your business objectives saving you money.

At Go Remote Staff we take pride in creating an environment where people thrive, built on values such as, Trust, Respect, Innovation Accountability, Diversity, Ownership and Never give up attitude.

Just Go For it with Go Remote Staff!