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Why The Philippines

Cost Efficient

The primary reason why companies outsource business processes to offshore partners is to drastically reduce the cost of wages associated with first world countries. Go Remote Staff can offer savings of up to 70% to wages through the use of BPO where the same duties are performed at a fraction of the cost. The cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than that of countries like Australia, UK, USA, NZ and Canada, therefore, BPO employees receive above minimum salary resulting in improved standards of living.


English Language Filipinos have a 97% English literacy rate and are known to be excellent English speakers. The Philippines was an American colony up until 1946 when independence was declared. English is an official language of the Philippines and the majority of the population speak native American English. According to Deloitte’s recent survey 2019 the Philippines are ranked in the top 3 for global shared services. The BPO industry has grown considerably in the Philippines, their accuracy for pronunciation, articulation, grammar and neutral accent being a contributing factor to why Philippines should be your first choice to create your winning team!


Many Filipinos are university degree qualified and work on continuing their education through low cost and free online training platforms. Filipino workers are very versatile, skillful and resourceful showing an aptitude to acquire knowledge to improve their skillset. As our candidates have a broad range of skills to draw upon it enables flexibility within their job roles to perform other tasks. Filipinos are willing to undertake training to add value and help achieve business objectives. Our talented candidates are professionals who span across all industry sectors. Employing a Go Remote Staff candidate will save you money without compromising quality.

Work Culture

Filipinos are very happy, positive people who are very hard-working, determined and value their jobs. They are quick learners who are open to learning and developing their skill set. BPO employees in the Philippines are willing to work around the clock. This means that candidates can work to your time zone or outside of your operational hours, thereby, increasing business capacity and supporting 24/7 operation of your business.


Candidates can work to your time zone no matter where you are located in the world, or outside of your businesses operating hours, thereby, increasing business capacity and supporting 24/7 operation of your business. Whatever your needs are we have the solution! supporting 24/7 operation of your business. Whatever your needs are we have the solution!

Government supported

The Philippine Government rely on foreign investors to helps support their economy, create jobs and develop infrastructure.

People & Culture

Filipinos are some of the happiest people in the world, they are very sociable and easy to interact with and will go out of their way to make others feel comfortable. Filipinos value family above all and have a work culture like no other…. it is a way of life! The Philippines is one of the most diverse countries in Asia and is probably the best country to consider when choosing an offshoring partner, Filipinos understand and live a western style culture, speak English and are very religious practising Christianity. Although the Philippines have a strong western culture it is important to understand their eastern roots and key cultural concepts to get the most out of your Philippine based staff. Filipinos take pride in their work and value building relationships with others in order to better provide for their families and contribute to their company’s success. Filipinos have a great work ethic, they are hard-working, outgoing, eager to please and friendly. Mahiyain is very important in the Philippine culture is the key concept of pride or “saving face” and is a big deal especially in work culture. Often, Filipinos are not very confrontational and value their reputation and hierarchy. They go out of their way to avoid losing face or being embarrassed in public settings extreme importance is placed on how others see them. The Philippines has a huge talent pool for you to choose from and our experienced team of GBM’s at Go Remote Staff will help you find the right match for your business needs.